Blog Goal!

Marce Burchell

No I don't fish with a bow tie?

The intent of this blog is to present the subject matter of fishing in a simple straight forward abridged narrative. If I am able to accomplish this well, you will be able to learn about fishing equipment, techniques, bait, times and seasons, any and everything I should hope will be of interest and value. Unfortunately, any entertainment or amusement value may very well be non-existent, but maybe not. As I haven’t said, fishing was never taught to me but I do remember a few choice times when fishing gave true joy. Every child desires the happy experience of fishing and the companionship of their parents while being taught, hopefully by their parents. This is not a perfect world, I am not a perfect researcher either, but, just maybe my wife and I will get a little fishing in because I have taken an interest in writing this blog. We will strive to make this site of real value and therefore worthy of your time. Any thing that has to do with fishing will be investigated and abridged for you. Should you have a fishing related interest not found on this site, please, make a request. We will attempt to research and provide an abridgment as time may permit.

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